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J-chip product news Vol.2

December, 2006
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How to keep built-in battery life for J-chip TAG

The built-in battery for J-chip TAG is Manganese Dioxide Lithium secondary battery and self-discharge ratio is much smaller than button type NiCd cell.

If this J-chip TAG is kept at the same room temperature(around 23 degrees C), the self-discharge ratio becomes only 2% and if it is kept during 5 years with same temperature condition, around 90% of capacity is available.

For example, the number of antenna mats for full marathon (42.195km) assumed to 12pcs (start(2), 5K,10K,15K,20K,25K,30K,35K,40K and finish(2)), in this case transmission by trigger antenna is 12 times (total 60 seconds, maximum) by one runner and even if this condition is continued for one month, consumable power of battery is only 1.32 mAh.
Remark: Capacity of current built-in battery is 30 mAh with full charge condition.

The result of computation, if J-chip TAG is charged once every two(2) months, charging capacity is within 10% of full capacity of J-chip TAG (in case of full charged) so consume of battery very small.
It is possible to use it about 300 times(calculated theoretically) in the specification of this battery producing company when J-chip TAG is charged once every three(3) month and operating temperature of built-in battery itself is between minus 20 to 60 degrees C
(Remark: Operating temperature of J-chip TAG is minus 20 to 40 deg C)

We recommend number of charge is once every three(3) months and charging time is 10 hours.
In case of winter season or low temperature condition , please charge it once every two(2) months and 5 to 10 hours.
For you information, both 63ch type battery charger and new 119 type battery charger are the same. above period of charging and charging time.

New 119ch type battery charger is available now !!
Charging number of J-chip TAG119 pcs maximum
Power consumption24 W (max.)
Electrical current consumption1.5 A (max.)
Timer(5 steps selectable)5h,10h,15h,20h, Continue
L x W x H407 x 266 x 160(mm)
Weight6.4 kg approx
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