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- an innovative sports timing system

Having lots of experience and requests from timing professionals, the J-chip system was developed and now utilized at many kinds of sports events, including marathon, road bike race, MTB bike race, triathron, in-line skating, cross-country skiing etc.

This state of the art Japanese system now plays a big role on the world stage:
Asia (ex. Japan, Taiwan etc),
Europe (ex. Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, Belgium, Austria, Sweden, Hungary, Czech, and Poland etc.),
North/South America (U.S.A and Brazil etc.) and Australia etc.



Cross-country skiing

Mountain bike racing

Mountain bike racing

The system mainly consists of tag, mat antenna ,receiver and tag checker.
And each equipment is designed for accurate sports timing measurement.

J-chip has following features:
  1. By adapting active type tag, J-chip system produces high performance and accurate measurment.
  2. With J-chip system, it is able to measure as high as 2.0m from the ground under perfect conditions.
  3. Mat antenna, which is to be installed on measuring point, contains trigger-antennas and receiver-antennas. It is only about 2 millimeters thick and easy to transport.
  4. There are several widths of mat antenna - 4m, 6m, 8m, 10m and 12m.
    With combining two of them, it is able to make mat size wider up to 24m.
  5. The receiver transfers timing data to a computer on a real-time basis by using various communication methods.
  6. "RunScore" (www.runscore.com) from RunTime Software, USA,
    - the world's most popular race management software - can be applied to score the timing data.
J Chip System(2.6MB)
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J-chip News Headlines
Published: February 10, 2011
Vol.20: New J-chip receiver "J-chip 5 and 8" debut soon!!
The J-chip 5 and 8 are come in one and another to our factory.
The first lot of 25 sets arrived today !...
Vol.19: Now it's time with J-chip New Receiver, "J-chip 5" and "J-chip 8" will be released!
We are pleased to announce our new receiver will come on the market! ...
Vol.17: Innovation of YAGI antenna
Improve efficiency of your work and it is opened from onerous work before the race event.
Easy installation! Light weight and compact! Directional antenna !...
Vol.16: The certificate of completion is very important for Japanese athletes!
The NAHA marathon in Okinawa Island of Japan was held on 07 December, 2008 and total number of athletes were around 28,000...
Recent event
2011 Triathlon America

2011 Spartan Race SoCal
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Micro Talk Systems Corp. are specialized manufacturer of RFID(Radio Frequency Identification) i.e. a non-contact IC tag.
Since the 1994 establishment of Micro Talk Systems Corp., we are the only one company which is the longest alone in Japan and we performed development / production / sale only for specific products in RFID. Through these activities, we offered safety and convenience for society.
We present business in the field of following three main categories.
We have dealings with a top company in each field and establish the original position that we repel other companies in each field.
Utilizing RFID produced by Texas Instruments in USA
Category 1.

Lock system for the complex housing

Key system for the entrance
Key systems for the individual doors
Category 2.

Lock system for the locker

Locker key system
Cashless system

Utilizing customized RFID produced by Micro Talk Systems Corp.
Category 3.

Active Tag

Automatic sports timing system(J-chip)
Automatic movement and traffic control system(S-Location)

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